Finger Food!

FINGER FOOD: small-sized delicacies!
For a delicious aperitif, a quick meal or an evening with friends… choose to “take a bite”!
You can choose from many savory proposals, made for pleasure and amazement.

Our usual proposals, in three different dishes at a price of 7 euros each (EVEN GLUTEN FREE):

“VERDE DI SERA” (EVENING GREEN): Vol au vent with gorgonzola, celery and walnuts, bruschetta with oregano with fresh tomatoes and basil, crostini with provola and zucchini, skewer with fruit, cheese and artichoke with balsamic vinegar, Gaeta black olives
“PICCOLI E BUONI” (SMALL AND GOOD): small pieces of roasted potatoes and bacon, rolls of mozzarelline and Südtirol speck, crouton with Mortadella Bologna IGP and chopped pistachios, little bags of bresaola with robiola and chives
“APERITIVO LIGHT” (LIGHT APERITIF): Rainbow puff pastry, swordfish roll with fennel, croutons with robiola and salmon, vol au vent with tuna mousse and capers.