Night Parties

For your 18th birthday, or your birthday parties in general, we offer two rooms, lots of music and lot of fun!

If you want organize your party after dinner (and all of you are 18 years old) we can reserve the room “La Sala del Pozzo” (40 seats) or the room “Sala Maggiore” (100 seats) for your private party.

It will be available from 9 pm to 1 am and you can customise it with decorations, streamers, balloons.

Sala Maggiore is equipped with dj set, sound system and lights mix. The price of the room is € 600, plus the cost of the buffet.
Sala del Pozzo is equipped with mixer and speakers, and the price is € 260, plus the cost of the buffet.
We take care of the buffet with a basic proposal of € 15.00 per person, which includes:

Mineral Water
Soft drinks in carafes
Alcoholic drinks in a jug
Snack aperitif
stuffed olives
Breaded mozzarella
Crescenta stuffed with Squacquerone and Mortadella Bologna
Cake Pastry with Champagne doc for the toast